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RVA Virtual 5k

Apr 23, 2020 at 12:00 AM to May 3, 2020 at 11:59 PM
Richmond, Richmond, VA
Event Summary
RVA Virtual 5k is designed to allow Richmond's Running Community to get back to racing....while still adhering to social distancing and event ban requirements! All while raising $$ for timely needs!
Proceeds from this event will benefit the Richmond Restaurant Community & help purchase and provide much needed PPE Masks to area healthcare workers!
Event Details
Here's how the race works:
1. Signup by following the registration link.
2. Run a 5k (3.10 miles) on a course of your choosing between now and Sunday, May 3rd and record your run using a run tracking app. (We've suggested a few below)
3. Submit your results, including a screenshot from the run tracking app.
4. That's it! As a participant, you'll receive a RVA Virtual 5k runners medal in the mail within 2 weeks, and the top 3 will receive a cash prize! (Amount TBD based on submissions)
Race Event Details:
* Every participant/paid registration will receive a medal, after submitting your run results
* The top 3 finishers will receive a cash prize (about TBD)
* Proceeds from the race, along with additional voluntary contributions, will go towards supporting the Richmond Restaurant Community & to purchase and provide much needed PPE masks for area Healthcare Workers!
* Since it is currently not safe (or legal) to host typical races, events, or festivals, we have designed this event for you!
* This race allows you to pick your own 5k course! Future virtual races will have pre-set courses & themes!
Recommended/Preferred Run Tracking Apps:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Wouldn't it be easy for someone to cheat and submit false results?
A: Probably, but don't do that....not cool. Besides: the objective of this event is to help raise funds and supplies, and to provide a fun outlet for everyone. The "Top 3" cash prizes are just a fun added incentive.
Q: If everyone picks their own course, then are the race results really equal?
A: Probably not....but with social distancing in effect, we didn't want to push everyone on the same course, and we wanted to make it easy for everyone to be able to participate. Just try not to pick a route that is uphill...both ways!
Q: Do I have to run on Sunday, May 3rd?
A; No! You can run your course anytime between now and then! In fact, you can run it multiple times, just pick your best time and race results screenshot for your run submission!
Q: Can i run the race on a treadmill?
A: Sure! As long as you can use a run tracking app and submit you results, including a screenshot with the required information.
Q: I don't want to run, but I still want to make a contribution, is that possible?
A: Yes! Just register, and don't submit your race results!
General Terms

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When & Where
Apr 23, 2020 at 12:00 AM to May 3, 2020 at 11:59 PM EDT
Richmond, VA
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